Life Lately

Hi everyone! Life has been pretty hectic lately with work. Our huge annual tech conference put on by my company is coming up, and we’re busy getting ready! As for fitness, I finally did get my act together to sign up for a YMCA membership. I went to my body pump classes for the first week, and I think I sprained my ankle. (FACEPALM) It didn’t hurt after the class, […]

It’s Vegan Time!

My boyfriend and I decided to take the plunge into the world of veganism. Yup, we researched vegan recipes, loaded up on beans and spices, and signed up for the plant-based life. It’s been a challenging 6 days for me so far. It’s been an emotional and stressful week, and I couldn’t turn to food to comfort me. Well, at least not the usual foods. Instead I bought a loaf […]

Help! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up

Hi everyone. I’ve fallen (off the bandwagon) and I can’t get back up. That means that I have not been running, have not been working out, and have lost the motivation to exercise! Oof. How did this happen? My hip injury has been keeping me off the running trails, and different priorities and areas of my life have shifted my focus off of working out. Initially, I wasn’t going to […]

What the Health

I watched a documentary Saturday night on Netflix called What the Health. It’s a movie that talks about how processed meat and dairy products cause cancer, and following a vegan diet would quickly (in as little as 2 weeks) reverse the damage inflicted on our bodies from years of eating meat and dairy. It’s a pretty aggressive movie, designed to shock its audience into being skeptical of organizations such as […]

On Failure, Taking Risks, and Building Resilience

Hi everyone! I’ve been feeling some pain in my hip again ever since last Monday’s treadmill run. In times like this, I wonder if I should take it easy or if I’m just making excuses and should just go outside and test my legs out. I’ve been struggling emotionally/spiritually with this injury (and other past running injuries) because I think I didn’t experience much failure growing up, and thus, didn’t […]

Back in Business

Hey guys, I’m back in business! After a busy few months, I’m proud to report that I’m going strong, after putting in a solid 2 weeks of running again. Wait, what all happened from January to now? Well, I got injured back in January. I was training for the Boston Marathon (which comes around every April), running my usual route along Crissy Field, when I felt a sudden pain jolt […]

Raining Whales

Hey everyone! Are you surviving the storm? It’s been POURING here in San Francisco, but luckily, it’s pretty on and off, so we get some relief from the rain. Some might call it raining cats and dogs, but I’d say it was raining WHALES! Yes, it is true. I saw a WHALE on Saturday. I was doing my long run (13 miles) in the rain, and stopping for a short […]

Motivational Monday: Running in the Rain

Happy 2017! Hope it’s off to a running start (haha…). Do you have any fitness goals and resolutions this year? If you do, I’m happy for you. I really don’t understand the nay-sayers who complain about the resolutioners taking up the spots in the gym only to stop going in late January or February. I honestly think that even one or two months of extra exercise is better than none. It’s good for you and certainly doesn’t […]

Finding Traction

I watched a documentary last night on Netflix called Finding Traction that got me super PUMPED. It was about an ultra runner named Nikki Kimball who set out to beat the course record (not just the women’s record, but the men’s as well) on the 273-mile Long Trail in Vermont. Yep, you read that right. 273 freaking miles. That’s more than 10 marathons, back to back. And this isn’t on a […]

Giants Half Marathon Tomorrow

Guess what?! I’m running the Giants Half Marathon tomorrow! Tonight, I’m mentally preparing myself and getting everything together, so I’m all packed and ready to go tomorrow morning. I feel really good about the race. I’ve been running consistently for the past month or so, waking up at 4:30am a few times a week to squeeze in my runs before work, and doing my long runs on the weekends. I. […]