Giants Half Marathon Tomorrow

Guess what?! I’m running the Giants Half Marathon tomorrow! Tonight, I’m mentally preparing myself and getting everything together, so I’m all packed and ready to go tomorrow morning. I feel really good about the race. I’ve been running consistently for the past month or so, waking up at 4:30am a few times a week to squeeze in my runs before work, and doing my long runs on the weekends. I. […]

Boston is 4 weeks away!

The Boston Marathon is merely 28 days away, and I just took 1+ weeks off running. I’ve been sick with a cold, and it’s been frustrating trying to will my body to heal. I know this is crunch time, and I’m unable to put in the training that I need and crave. It’s been especially frustrating because I’ve just been sick so often in the past 6 months. Honestly, I’ve had 3 […]

Guess who’s back, back again!

Anna’s back, tell a friend. The last “I’m Ba-a-ack!” post was really an 11-month teaser. Suspense builder. Cliff hanger. In all honesty, it’s been so hard to write about running, when you’re on a long and slow path to recovery, and don’t know how long it’ll take. Some days, it’s tough being patient, and I really want to say “Screw it” and go for a nice long 10 miler. It’s even […]

I’m Ba-a-ack!

Yikes! It’s been 8 months since my last post. So many wonderful things have happened since then in other aspects of my life, that my running has fallen to the wayside. However, this blog isn’t just about my running successes. I aim to provide a completely honest, no-strings-attached record of my running journey – from the proud moments to the hard-to-swallow losses, and even my boring routines that upon repeating enough times hopefully lead to […]

Kaiser Permanente Half Marathon Tomorrow!

Quick post tonight before I head off to bed. I’ve been waiting anxiously for tomorrow for a month now. And now that it’s less than 12 hours away, I’m so nervous! GAhh… I feel: good. I’ve been running consistently all of January. I’ve managed to sneak in a run every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday with just one exception. No injuries other than my blisters. (I developed blisters from […]

Weekly Check-in: Groovy, Baby

2 weeks away from the Kaiser Permanente Half Marathon, and I’m feeling strong. I had a good 2.5 weeks of solid training after my 5-day vacation in Mexico, and now I’m back in the groove. (Groovy, baby) Rest helps refuel my passion for running and prevents me from burning out both mentally and physically. When timed correctly, not running helps me come back stronger. Here’s my mileage from Strava for this […]

Good night, moon

I was running along the Great Highway earlier this week, doing my usual morning run, when I noticed the moon. A gloriously round, bursting-at-the-seams moon in the clearest of night skies. There was not a cloud nor any fog to obstruct my view, and when I ran past the crashing ocean waves, I couldn’t help but stop and admire. How lucky I am to live in such a beautiful city. […]

Top Secret Weapon to Cranking Up Motivation

This is part II of my last blog post 3 Secrets to Staying Motivated. Just when you thought I was done… Here is my top secret weapon to really cranking up the power of motivation: What would _______________ do? Yes, admittedly, it’s an adaptation of the “What Would Jesus Do?” motto you remember from bracelets, notebooks, and other teenage girl goodies in the 90’s. But it works. Just fill in the […]

3 Secrets to Staying Motivated

A fresh new year also means new years resolutions. If your Facebook newsfeed is anything like mine, it’s overflowing with posts and articles about goals and strategies to make sure this year will be the year. Uh okay, cool. No pressure. Now I think that’s all fine and dandy. I’m all for ingraining healthy habits and setting goals, and I strongly and honestly believe it’s never too late to change. There […]