US Half Marathon and CIM

38 more days until my half marathon, 72 days till my full.

Wait, what?! When did this happen? Where did all of SEPTEMBER go? Oh right, a weekend in Vegas, and then a week in New York, followed by 2 weeks of catching up with old friends in the city.

So now, I’ll be back to full-time training. I’m even cutting out alcohol so I can be in tip top condition. I also want to check out a running club as well, so I’ll have some running buddies to keep me company!

Here are my goals:
Half Marathon: 1:20:00
Full Marathon: 2:50:00

Psst. I’m trying to qualify for the Olympic Trials in 2016. I don’t like to tell people, because others get so excited for me (which I really really appreciate), but I don’t like disappointing people either. I’m pretty new to marathons (ran my first one just a little over 2 years ago) and I still have so much to learn.

My goals are just shy of the qualifying times for the Olympic Trials. Wish me luck! You can read about all the qualifying rules here.

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