Good night, moon

I was running along the Great Highway earlier this week, doing my usual morning run, when I noticed the moon. A gloriously round, bursting-at-the-seams moon in the clearest of night skies. There was not a cloud nor any fog to obstruct my view, and when I ran past the crashing ocean waves, I couldn’t help but stop and admire.

How lucky I am to live in such a beautiful city.

The next morning, I brought my point-and-shoot camera along to snap a few shots. Perfect timing. I had just taken my first photography class last weekend and was eager to test my new knowledge. I’m still very much a beginner and learning to use my camera features, so please have mercy on my blurry pictures. These were taken around 6 am. Enjoy!

The moon glistening off the waves.

Artsy off-center shot, heh heh

A little blurry, but check out those waves. Here, the moon almost looks like the sun!

Similar shot, but slower shutter speed = darker. Here you can see the waves more clearly.

I love the rich, golden colors here.

Good night, moon.

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