Guess who’s back, back again!

Anna’s back, tell a friend. The last “I’m Ba-a-ack!” post was really an 11-month teaser. Suspense builder. Cliff hanger. In all honesty, it’s been so hard to write about running, when you’re on a long and slow path to recovery, and don’t know how long it’ll take. Some days, it’s tough being patient, and I really want to say “Screw it” and go for a nice long 10 miler. It’s even tougher to do all the things I’m supposed to do like massage my foot, ice my heel, stretch, and wear my night splint. Does any of this even work?!

Look at what I wear to sleep. See how comfy it is?

night splint

In May, I went on a 17-day Europe trip to 7 cities in 4 countries, and came back completely healed! I may have come back a few pounds heavier as well…

Anyway, since then, I’ve run a half marathon and a full marathon. While they were certainly hard, I still felt that my plantar fasciitis was gone. It was an amazing feeling.

Fast forward to 2 weeks ago, when I started feeling the all-too-familiar pain in my left heel. WTF, mate? So I’m back at it again, massaging, icing, night-splinting (whyyy?), and stretching.

All right, let’s do this!!! Speedy recovery, I’m staring you down and coming for you!


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