Motivational Monday: Running in the Rain

Happy 2017! Hope it’s off to a running start (haha…). Do you have any fitness goals and resolutions this year? If you do, I’m happy for you. I really don’t understand the nay-sayers who complain about the resolutioners taking up the spots in the gym only to stop going in late January or February. I honestly think that even one or two months of extra exercise is better than none. It’s good for you and certainly doesn’t hurt. The key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle is to take baby steps and stay motivated. I’m starting a Motivational Monday series on my blog to help keep us motivated and keep our eyes on the prize. Are you with me?

This week, rain will be coming down hard. It’s so easy to lose motivation to go for a run, especially when it’s cold and wet outside. But guess what? This is precisely the time when it’s most important to throw on some extra layers, leave the warm comfort of the indoors, and go for that darn run! Why? Because everyone else will be taking it easy, will be making excuses, and telling themselves they deserve a break. Only true champions will be the ones outside embracing the gusts of chilly wind. It’s a test of strength. Are you going to let something as minor as the weather hold you back? Are you going to admit defeat before even going out there and trying?

Below is one of my all-time favorite videos, and I love to watch it the night before a race. It explains so effectively how running in the rain (or pushing through any other obstacle) is essential to building mental and physical strength and to gain an advantage over competitors. Spend a few minutes and let me know what you think. Watching it gives me shudders every time :)

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