Raining Whales

Hey everyone! Are you surviving the storm? It’s been POURING here in San Francisco, but luckily, it’s pretty on and off, so we get some relief from the rain. Some might call it raining cats and dogs, but I’d say it was raining WHALES!

Yes, it is true. I saw a WHALE on Saturday. I was doing my long run (13 miles) in the rain, and stopping for a short water break by the fountain and I swear I saw a whale. I could hardly believe it. I stood there in disbelief, wondering if I was going bonkers, and then I saw a glimpse of it again! I¬†know it sounds crazy, but I swear I saw a glimpse of a shiny black whale at the top of the water. My fingers weren’t quick enough to snap a photo, but here it was, in this EXACT spot.

The rest of my run was pretty smooth. There’s just something about setting a reach goal and finishing what you set out to do, know what I mean?

Sunday’s run didn’t go as smooth. And by that, I mean it was non-existent. :D It was pouring even harder yesterday, so I hid indoors. On days like this, I wonder if it’s better to stay indoors and rest, or if I should push through the uncomfortable conditions, grow mentally stronger, but potentially get sick.

That’s when I think it’s super important to have a Plan B. What are you going to do when you miss a workout? What’s your plan for getting back on track? It’s natural that you will have obstacles come up, an event you can’t miss, you’re suddenly not feeling well, or WHATEVER, but you need to plan for how to make up for it.

And for me, it was to move my 7 mile run to today, which I did during lunch. Woot!

Whale whale whale, readers, I will leave you with this photo of a rainbow hitting the bridge. Hope you have a wonderful week!

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