Perfect Combo

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My perfect combo is:

  1. complete a tough workout
  2. shower
  3. eat a big, hearty meal

Ahhh, that’s the recipe for a happy Anna! I discovered this a few months ago when I was running on the weekends along the Embarcadero. I would listen to the Tim Ferriss podcast while doing 5-7 mile runs. After that, I’d shower at my work’s locker room, which I would call my spa! Yes, as ridiculous as it sounds, I called the locker room at the office where I work “my spa.”

It’s a nice locker room, usually pretty clean. There’s even towels and toiletries, and nobody else is usually there. So I’d turn up my music and take my sweet time.

Anyway, back to my combo. After the shower, I would feel so nice and refreshed. I’d feel so¬†accomplished for the day, and hungry for a big hearty meal that I just earned! After I realized how great I felt, I tried to replicate the combo again and again. If there was a piece missing (if I didn’t have time to shower or if I didn’t get to refuel), then it wasn’t complete.

What’s your perfect combo? What are the elements of a routine that makes you perfectly content? How can you make it happen more often?

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