Back on the Track!

It’s been 18 years since I last ran at a track meet. I used to be the star of the track, having run all throughout middle school and high school, in the 400, 800, 1600, and even the occasional 4×400. But after decades of marathon training and focusing on long distance endurance events, I feel like quite the newbie again. Back on the track, baby!

I asked my dad if he could find my spikes from high school, and surprise! He pulled them out. Even bigger surprise: they still fit. 😳

I just tried them on for the first time and took em for a spin in the grass. Man, it feels great to get the legs moving fast again. It took me on an unexpected roller coaster of emotions though – taking me back to high school days and memories I hadn’t thought about in years. I even found my watch from high school! Don’t ask me why it was hidden in my left spike shoe…

Anyway, I’m a few hours away from returning to the track and running one of the events I cherished and excelled in half a lifetime ago, but feeling very much like a deer learning to walk again. It’s unknown territory in a field I’m so familiar with (running). Wish me luck!

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