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Hi there! I’m a long distance runner, with a passion for everything running-related. I started this blog to share with you my running journey as well as provide tips and techniques to help you be the best runner you can be.

Why am I “the fearless runner?” Growing up, I was a competitive long distance runner and one of the best in my high school’s cross country and track & field teams. I could give the boys in school a run for their money! When my coaches would encourage me to train with my male teammates since we were the same pace and caliber, I always felt that I didn’t belong and that I couldn’t keep up.

After all, who was I, a girl, to join the ranks of the boys? Who was I, an Asian American, to compete with the best of the best in athletics? I often felt that my own fears and insecurities held me back and kept me from fulfilling my true potential as a runner.

Many years later, I realized that my mind was holding back my body. Now, I’m casting my fears aside to pursue my dreams with full drive and passion. For what, might you ask? Well, I eat, sleep, and dream of qualifying for the Olympic Marathon Trials in 2020. I have my heart set on meeting the B standard of 2:45 in the marathon, with a qualifying window of September 1, 2017 to January 19, 2020. And when I do, I’m getting a tattoo of the Olympic rings by my ankle! ;)

Thanks for stopping by and joining me on my journey. Always remember – life’s too short to let fear hold you back.

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