Weekly Check-in: October 1

Enjoying that post-Dreamforce, post-run, post-stretch glow

6 days away from my first half marathon in over 2 years 😬 I’m feeling pretty good about my training, but my calf/ankle has been acting up. It all started about a week ago when it started feeling sore. It doesn’t quite hurt, but if I stand on my left leg, I definitely feel like my calf is a bit weak. On Saturday, I planned to run 13 miles, but […]

Weekly Check-in: Groovy, Baby

2 weeks away from the Kaiser Permanente Half Marathon, and I’m feeling strong. I had a good 2.5 weeks of solid training after my 5-day vacation in Mexico, and now I’m back in the groove. (Groovy, baby) Rest helps refuel my passion for running and prevents me from burning out both mentally and physically. When timed correctly, not running helps me come back stronger. Here’s my mileage from Strava¬†for this […]