Field Trip to Sports Basement

After work, I moseyed on to Sports Basement on a quest for…

::cue heavenly harp music::


Yes, I went to treat myself to a pair of Balega Hidden Comfort Running Socks. Check it out: they have a 5-star rating from 187 total reviews on Amazon. Legit.

I’ve never tried them before. I only heard about them from my running buddy who swears by them. After seeing their ratings on Amazon, I was intrigued.

A little background on me and my frugality wise spending habits. I’m not a sock expert. I usually get my socks about $1/pair, and I felt that I “splurged” on my current running socks (a 3-pack of Gold Toe socks from Ross for $6.) So I’m going out on a limb in getting these Balega babies at $8+/pair. But putting them on now, oh boy do they feel good.

They’re so incredibly soft. There’s no feeling like wrapping your hard-working feet in cloud puffs. Just the right amount of elasticity to give your poor feet a warm bear hug. Just look at them!



The trek to Sports Basement took so long, I decided to pick up 2 pairs. The second is a pair of Balega Lady Enduro 4 No Show Socks. Also a 5-star rating on Amazon.


This pair is still comfortable, with the perfect amount of snug and stretchy, but it’s a lot thinner. It doesn’t have the same puffy cloud feeling as the Hidden Comfort.

Can’t wait to give these bad boys a test run on… a test run. :)

Does getting new workout apparel motivate you to exercise? Is there any equipment you’re excited to try out?

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