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Hi everyone! Life has been pretty hectic lately with work. Our huge annual tech conference put on by my company is coming up, and we’re busy getting ready!

As for fitness, I finally did get my act together to sign up for a YMCA membership. I went to my body pump classes for the first week, and I think I sprained my ankle. (FACEPALM) It didn’t hurt after the class, and I honestly don’t even have any idea which move may have caused it, but it really hurt the next few days. I’ve learned (finally) to listen to my body and rest at the first sign of pain, and I took a week off. It seemed to be doing better. Then, I stood for most of the day at my standing desk at work, and my ankle hurt like a mofo afterwards.

It’s really frustrating how easily I get injured. I feel like a frail old woman.

What else is new with me? I spent 2 weeks as a vegan! The first few days were hard, and then it became easier and almost second nature. I ate animal products just once during that period, and that was when I was having dinner at my parents’ house.

My parents had cooked lobster for dinner, and my sister was planning to visit as well, but changed her plans at the last minute. I really wanted to be disciplined, but it didn’t seem right to refuse the lobster that my parents bought, cleaned, and prepared for our special dinner. It was almost disrespectful. And my parents certainly didn’t make it easy.

My mom was unsupportive of my newfound veganism. She asked what did I mean, I wasn’t eating meat. I was crazy and of course, I needed protein and meat, especially a young woman like me. My dad asked what I was trying to fix with my new diet, and I said nothing. He asked then why I was changing my diet, if there’s nothing wrong in the first place.

It was a learning experience. I learned that there are certain battles I’m willing to fight, and arguing against my parents, especially in their house, after they spent time and effort preparing a nice meal for me, truly didn’t seem right. I learned that environment totally impacts your habits and decisions, and when I visit my parents, I’m willing to eat meat and animal products. When I’m cooking for myself, which is most of the time anyway, I can choose to stay vegan. It doesn’t need to be all or nothing.

As I’m approaching my 30th birthday next year, I’ve been reflecting a lot and thinking about my future goals and plans. Am I becoming closer to the person I want to be, or am I wandering aimlessly, hoping for the best? I know I’m not “old” but I am no longer feeling young. Many of my priorities have shifted and my habits have definitely changed. 1 thing about my life that I would have NEVER predicted 5 years ago is just how¬†inactive I am. 5 years ago, I was all about eating whatever I wanted, drinking quite a bit, partying it up, and pounding out those miles fiercely and determinedly. Nowadays, weeks or months go by without a single workout, I’m eating much more healthily (even dabbling with veganism), and minimizing my drinking and partying. Do I need to find balance or is this my new normal? What do I value and prioritize now? I certainly want to get back into working out, but not at the cost of more injury.

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