Dear Diary

This year has been packed with non-running chaos! Here’s what I’ve been up to this year:

  • January: moved from the marina to the inner sunset
  • February: worked my butt off to get certified as a Project Management Professional (Certified PMP!)
  • March: cold – 1, Anna – 0

Inner Sunset: Home Sweet Home

It’s definitely nice to be in a new home with more space. I love having a bigger room and my very own bathroom (yey!). These little things do make a huge difference. The commute to work is great, and I love the shops and restaurants in my neighborhood. I definitely feel more at home here than in the marina. I never quite felt that I “fit in” with the marina crowd, so it’s nice to live here now. There’s more diversity, it’s more homey, and I love that public transportation is so easy and convenient here.

Certified PMP Master

I’ve been interested in learning more about managing projects. I do a lot of it in my current role, although “Project Manager” is nowhere in my job title. I wanted to explore this route, and the few people who I’ve known to have this certification have been so impressive with their project management skills, being able to stay on top of all moving parts, and to keep everyone (team members and stakeholders) in the loop. Well, I took a project management bootcamp for 4 days back in Dec 2017, and then I officially got my certification in March. Woot!!! I definitely learned a lot, and I even approach and view projects differently.

Health is your real wealth

UGH, I was out sick for most of March. It was pretty frustrating because I had a pretty bad cough, and since I talk on the phone with clients for most of the day for work, it took a toll on my throat! I’m glad that it’s finally all behind me now, and I’m back to being 💯. There’s nothing like not being healthy that makes you appreciate when you are.

What about running?

I’m seeing my old physical therapist at Kaiser to help with my hip injury. I saw him back in 2014, when I had plantar fasciitis, and I like him a lot. He’s super nice and patient, which motivates me to listen to him lol. He says that my hip was being overworked because my glutes are too weak. (WHAT? How dare you call me a weak ass?!?) Anyway, he’s given me a few exercises to do to stretch my hip flexors and to strengthen my glutes. Buns of steel, here I come!! ;)

I’m taking it really slowly, partly because I think I should, but also because I’m lazy. And the weather sucks, and it’s been so cold and rainy. I’m working on regaining my discipline and get back to my consistent workout routine.


Willpower is a muscle that gets stronger each time we exercise it, as long as we don’t overexert ourselves. I do feel like I’ve gotten soft, both physically and mentally. I’d like to work on my willpower more. I see it waning when I struggle to get up in the morning from my warm bed. I see it waning when I choose to forgo my workout and go home instead. I see it when I decide to skip stretching for the day. The more we make excuses, the easier it is to keep making excuses. The more we overcome distractions and temptations, the easier it is to stay motivated and keeping working towards your goals. It’s a cycle, and we get to choose which direction it goes.

Well, I’m off to my friend’s birthday BBQ! I’m bringing some pineapple shears, mango slices, and sparkling water 😋 Hope you have a restful weekend!

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