February 21, 2019

Let February 21, 2019 go down in history as the day when I worked out three times in 1 day. Uyy, my legs are feeling it now.

I started off with a body pump class in the morning. Then immediately afterwards, I put on my running gear and headed to Embarcadero for some speedwork. I always dread speedwork, because I feel intimidated by the faster pace. But afterwards, I glow. Seriously, I look at myself in the mirror and I’m all red lol. It definitely feels great to know I’m hitting my times and also during the run, I feel like I’m flying. No joke. It feels so damn good to just cruise down Embarcadero with fast legs.

1 mile warm-up, then 4 miles at 6:30 pace, followed by 1 mile cool down

After work, I headed home, changed into running clothes yet again, and made my way to Golden Gate Park. I wanted to run on the softer terrain since I’ve been having some plantar/foot pain lately. I ran loop after loop at Polo Fields until it was too dark to continue. Then I scurried over to Lincoln Blvd to finish the rest of the 12 mile easy run.

12 miles in Golden Gate Park, consisting of many loops around Polo Fields

Three workouts in one day. That’s a first for me.

Just a month ago, I started doing 2 workouts in a day and I thought that was a lot!

Part of what makes this journey so rewarding is that I keep surprising myself when I accomplish things that I thought were impossible or incredibly difficult. But guess what? I can do difficult things!

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