Foam Rollers, RumbleRollers, and The Stick – Oh My!


There is a world of equipment designed to help relieve sore muscles after a tough workout, so you can loosen up tight muscles, increase blood flow, and boost mobility. This is called¬†myofascial release, a type of self-massage used to apply pressure to certain parts of the body. The almighty foam roller is very helpful at myofascial release,¬†but the it’s not your only option. I currently have 3 tools in my […]

How to Get Started as a Runner

So you’ve decided that you want to take up running. Awesome! But with all of the different choices and running styles out there, where to begin? 1. Get proper shoes. Running doesn’t require much equipment. All you need are shoes, workout clothes, and a place to run. Which pretty much makes shoes your most important equipment. That’s why it’s so critical for you to wear the shoes that fit your […]