Last Week’s Wins

salad bar

Here are the small victories that I’m celebrating from last week:

1. I went to Body Pump twice.

I woke up at 5am on Tuesday and Thursday, hopped on the bus to downtown SF, and worked my butt off at Body Pump. I’m super proud of myself for making strength training a priority, especially since it’s something I’m not very good at. I hope to make this part of my regular routine. This also means going to bed by 9pm (#grandmastatus)

2. I didn’t eat any chips at work (other than 1 time on Monday…)

I LOVE chips. They are my salty, crunchy, guilty pleasure. They are also free and readily available at work, which makes them so convenient and so tempting. I stayed away this week, because I wanted to get back on track with healthy eating this week, after indulging in pies and pastries in Greece.

3. I reunited with friends from high school.

One of my girlfriends was in town for a few weeks, and I’m glad we made time to catch up. We met up with another friend at Izakaya Roku, a Japanese place near Hayes Valley. It was nice to share all the juicy dishes and juicier gossip ;)

4. I attended a PMP Event on Thursday.

My very first PMP event! PMP stands for Project Management Professional, which is a certificate I earned in March this year. There was a PMP Member Appreciation Event put on, which was a huge networking night for PMPs to mingle (sounds nerdy, I know) with a speaker talking to us about getting team members on board with agile sprint planning. It’s always a little out of my comfort zone to attend these networking events, but I figured why not?

Here I am, dressed to impress for the PMI Member Appreciation Event:

I’m taking the momentum from last week’s wins and using it to carry me through this week. Happy Monday, all! Here’s to a fabulous week!

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