July 2018 Goals

Can you believe it’s already the 2nd half of the year? Dang, time does fly, but that also means it’s time to HUSTLE.

I’ll start listing my monthly goals here to hold myself accountable and to share with you my progress :) And with that, here’s what’s on my mind for this month:


1. Get a sports massage

After a few years of persistent injuries that just wouldn’t go away (plantar fasciitis in 2014 and hip pain in 2017), I understand more than ever the importance of preventing injury, especially as I build up the mileage. I’ve researched a few certified massage therapists in San Francisco. I found one that seemed promising, and she says she’s a runner herself, but she keeps telling me about how her practice involves neuro-kinesiology and I’m not 100% that’s right for me. From what I read, it sounds like using exercises to “correct” the brain so it will no longer tell the muscles to react or behave a certain way.

I’m looking for: a certified massage therapist in San Francisco who specializes in sports massages that I like (bonus points if they’re a runner!). Hopefully, I’ll find someone I’ll want to work with for regular monthly massages.


2. Register for a half and full marathon for the 2018.

My last marathon was Chicago 2016, and I’m feeling a little rusty! I miss running. I miss training, I miss the pre-race jitters, I miss competing, and I miss the feeling of accomplishment afterwards. I would love the opportunity to snag a sub-3 marathon to prove to myself that I still got it.

I’m eyeing the Giants Race Half Marathon (Sept 9), the Golden Gate Half Marathon (Nov 4), and the California International Marathon (Dec 2).

Alright, that’s just TWO goals for the whole month of July. Yes, I’m going easy on myself, but hey, it’s baby steps and consistency that helps us achieve big things :)


What are your goals this month? Any massage therapists you would recommend in SF? Any upcoming races this year? Let me know in the comments below ;)

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