My Personal Journey: How I Became a Runner

varsity girls

Sit down and make yourself cozy, as we rewind back through the years… The Childhood I first discovered my talent as a kid in elementary school. Remember back in 5th grade, there was a mile time trial at school? Everyone had to race a mile (3 laps around the block) and get timed for it to pass the fitness test. I toed the line with all my classmates, ran as […]

My Routine Lately


The last few weeks, I’ve carved out a nice little routine for myself that goes something like this: Mondays: visit parents Tuesdays: Body Pump Wednesdays: 5 – 6 mile run Thursdays: Body Pump Fridays: 5 – 6 mile run It’s keeping me busy and it’s keeping me TIRED! I wake up at 5am on Tuesdays – Thursdays to squeeze in a workout before work. I have it all sorted out. […]

Becoming a Certified Running Coach


From time to time, friends ask me for running tips or advice. They tell me about a race they’re looking to sign up for and ask for my help. This gets me so incredibly excited! I absolutely love it when friends want to run a half or full marathon. It’s no easy task, and I think it’s extremely admirable to sign up the challenge, especially folks who don’t consider themselves […]

Last Week’s Wins

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Here are the small victories that I’m celebrating from last week: 1. I went to Body Pump twice. I woke up at 5am on Tuesday and Thursday, hopped on the bus to downtown SF, and worked my butt off at Body Pump. I’m super proud of myself for making strength training a priority, especially since it’s something I’m not very good at. I hope to make this part of my regular […]

Perfect Combo

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My perfect combo is: complete a tough workout shower eat a big, hearty meal Ahhh, that’s the recipe for a happy Anna! I discovered this a few months ago when I was running on the weekends along the Embarcadero. I would listen to the Tim Ferriss podcast while doing 5-7 mile runs. After that, I’d shower at my work’s locker room, which I would call my spa! Yes, as ridiculous […]

Hot Yoga and Escape From Alcatraz Triathlon

Hot Yoga was fantastic! I was initially nervous, because the very first time I did bikram yoga years ago, I had to step outside the studio for a minute to catch my breath. It is HOT in there. Bikram yoga is typically done at 95–108 °F with a humidity of 40% and is a routine comprised of 26 poses. Luckily, this past Saturday’s exercise felt great though. I was able to […]

Iceland, Greece, and Restarting my Routine

Hi everyone! I just returned from a 2.5 week trip to Iceland and Greece. Both countries were so beautiful, and I’m feeling so much more refreshed and rejuvenated. So much so, in fact, that I’m daydreaming about how I can do this more often. How can I travel more often, how can I reset, how can I take better care of myself, and how can I open myself to new […]

Motivational Monday: Consistency over Perfection

No early morning meetings for me today, which meant a lovely 7am run. It felt FANTASTIC. I did a nice, easy 6-mile run through Golden Gate Park, with the sun shining between the trees and my ears tuning in to the How I Built This podcast. (I love this podcast, by the way. So incredibly inspiring! It’s about entrepreneurs and how they built their companies & brands. I seriously look […]

Dear Diary

This year has been packed with non-running chaos! Here’s what I’ve been up to this year: January: moved from the marina to the inner sunset February: worked my butt off to get certified as a Project Management Professional (Certified PMP!) March: cold – 1, Anna – 0 Inner Sunset: Home Sweet Home It’s definitely nice to be in a new home with more space. I love having a bigger room […]

2017 in Review

ATTENTION: 2018 is around the corner! I repeat: 2018 is right around the corner. Do not sit still or keep calm. It is time to PANIC. In the final 2 weeks of the year, I’m prepping for the new year, evaluating my goals and scheduling them into my calendar, and reflecting on the last 12 months. I can for sure say that 2017 was eventful. I feel closer to some […]